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Mark from United Kingdom is going on the Tuscan Dreams - a running adventure Sep 2016 trip
Henriette from South Africa is going on the Tuscan Dreams - a running adventure Sep 2016 trip
Kåre from Norway is going on the Big Five Marathon 2016 6-day package trip

The Great Wall Marathon by Albatros Adventure is one of the best organized events I have been to. I have done many events from swimming to running and more and none of them come close to what you have achieved with the service you provide. The challenges that are faced by organizing such a huge, multi-national event must be daunting. Everyone speaks different languages and has different customs and expectations. My expectations were definitely exceeded. Everything was taken care of from tours, to food, to transportation and entertainment. The banquet on the last night was especially nice. It gave everyone a chance to see each other again and talk about their experiences. 

The photo package offered from race day is outstanding. I have never seen such variety of photos and the ability to choose different photo layouts is incredible. The video that they put together was truly amazing as well.

Albatros Adventure goes above and beyond what is expected by a participant and is the company that all other companies should aspire to be like.

Thank you,
Stephanie Smith